Why chose me?

Understanding Your Goals and Needs

My duty as your attorney is to evaluate your case thoroughly and fairly.  Once I understand your goals and needs, I can assist you in exploring legal avenues that are available to you, your family or your business.

It is not in my interest to take your case if it is not going to be successful. I will handle your case from start to finish and will create a customized legal strategy and personally work with you to accomplish your goals. I limit the number of cases I take because I value my excellent record and the relationship I develop with my clients.

I am detail-oriented, friendly, compassionate, and because I am also an immigrant and had to go through the same procedures as all of those who want to work or immigrate to the U.S.,  I understand the unique needs and issues my clients are facing.

I have been practicing immigration law for over 10  years and I am very familiar with the procedures and tendencies of USCIS, its service centers, the local field office in Las Vegas and U.S. Consulates abroad.  I will give you an honest analysis of the probable outcome of your case, which is a critical part of you making an informed decision.

Personalized Attention and Care

The legal services I provide is not a “one size fits all” firm and I am proud for personally receiving and making my own calls.  I am committed to returning your phone calls promptly because your questions and concerns are important to me.  I recognize that each client has his/her own needs and as such, I cannot provide a “cookie cutter” legal representation.  The advantage of being a small firm is my flexibility to easily adapt my legal representation to address your needs and obtain the best result for your case.


You are more than a client to me. My firm is honored when clients depend on my services to manage some of the most significant concerns of their lives or business.  I value the trust placed in me.

I rely on my reputation to attract new clients.  Most of my clients come to me from referrals, from former satisfied clients, non-profit organizations, foreign consulates in the U.S or from other attorneys who do not handle immigration cases, but who are familiar with my reputation.

Initial Consult

My initial consultation will examine your current situation and I will discuss your case and concerns.  I will give you a  good-faith evaluation before I agree to represent you.


My clients enjoy the benefit of high-quality legal representation without having to pay big firm fees. I provide a comprehensive, cost-effective alternative for businesses and individuals in need of experienced Immigration counsel.  I offer flat fee options, payment plans to help control costs.  Aside from your FREE initial consult, I will deal with the Department of Homeland Security, hassles and paperwork while you can focus on your business and daily life with your loved ones.


The law firm is a minority-owned, operated and managed and is dedicated to connecting with clients, advance their commitment to diversity and inclusion.